Publications about the Bauhaus

Novels and illustrated books, biographies and monographs: There are a wealth of publications about the Bauhaus, a selection of which are introduced here.

Publications for the centenary 100 years of Bauhaus

From centenary calendar to travel tips and the projects of the Bauhaus Kooperation: Find all kinds of publications about the centenary and the Bauhaus here.

bauhaus now

Since autumn 2017, the bilingual magazine ‘bauhaus now’ has been pursuing the question of where, in which form and under which conditions the Bauhaus is still alive and well today as an idea and role model, and the extent to which it is still topical, relevant and valid around 100 years after its foundation. ‘bauhaus now’ provides a platform for international protagonists in the fields of urban planning and design: designers and architects, artists and researchers, critics and utopians.

Publications about the Bauhaus

Here you will find a selection of publications about the Bauhaus.


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