New Objectivity, "Deutscher Werkbund", "Gesamtkunstwerk", Bauhaus, purism of form, steel and glass, New Frankfurt, Siemensstadt, TAC, Hansaviertel, Gropiusstadt - central concepts and powerful landmarks of modernism mark the life of Walter Gropius ( 1883-1969), founder and director of the Bauhaus. Like no other German designer and architect of the past century, Gropius has left its mark on our lifeworld. Some of these key words shine even today in unbroken splendor, others have lost their nimbus long ago.
This introduction looks at the evolution and influence of this great twentieth century visionary through twenty of his most significant projects, from the Bauhaus building in Dessau to the Siemensstadt estate to the Harvard University Graduate Center and the Gropiusstadt in Berlin. It deals with his role as a master builder, writer and teacher, not only as a pioneer of the Bauhaus, but also - together with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - as an authoritative representative of the international style.


Gropius, Peter Gössel, Gilbert Lupfer und Paul Siegel, Taschen 2017.

ISBN: 978-3836544344

Paul Sigel, Gilbert Lupfer / Taschen
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