Travel & Sites of Modernity

It is often said that travel is educational, because it is undoubtedly fun and broadens one’s horizons. With this in mind, we present sites of modernity as particularly worthwhile destinations. The buildings selected for the Grand Tour of Modernity are located in the particular field of tension between Bauhaus and Modernism.

Bauhaus Card

100% Bauhaus 365 days a year: With this card, the nine most famous Bauhaus sites in Berlin, Dessau, Weimar and Bernau can each be visited once within a year.


One focus is therefore on the 1920s of the last century. In the Weimar Republic in particular, cities and municipalities provided important impetus through a variety of building projects and contributed to the spread of Neues Bauen.
The Bauhaus was part of this development. The first plans for a model housing estate in Weimar were drawn up shortly after it was founded. Only the famous Haus Am Horn, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was actually realized, in which all the workshops, masters and students of the Bauhaus worked on a “building of the future”. In Dessau, the unique school and workshop buildings and the Masters’ Houses were built; finally, the Dessau-Törten estate and the progressive arcade houses by Hannes Meyer, who designed the Bundesschule in Bernau near Berlin together with the Bauhaus architecture department.
With the buildings compiled here, we are spanning a network across the country, with many nodes, not only in the major cities and not only in the places where the Bauhaus was directly located, but also in the periphery and off the main roads.

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