Not an unusual Life, for the Time and the Place

The memoirs of the Hungarian of Jewish origin who was politicized at the Bauhaus are testimony to a turbulent artists life marked by Nazi terror, resistance, flight and exile. Etel Mittag-Fodor (1905-2005) studied at the Bauhaus from 1928 to 1930, where she attended the preliminary course, the advertising and printing workshop as well as the photography class with Walter Peterhans. During an internship at the Bauhaus in 1933 she conspired against the Nazi regime in an underground action with her husband Ernst Mittag and together they emigrated to South Africa in 1938. At first she continued working as an photographer for architecture and children and got involved in the anti-apartheid movement.


Etel Mittag-Fodor. Not an unusual Life, for the Time and the Place, Bauhaus-Archiv (ed.) 2014.

ISBN: 3922613527

Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin
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