The last two years of the Bauhaus

Hans Kessler’s letters to his mother are among the few surviving documents of the last two years of the Bauhaus. With their comments on political events and the Bauhaus everyday life they are vital cultural-historical primary sources. In April 1933 the Bauhaus building in Berlin was surrounded, searched and sealed by police and SA. Several students were temporarily arrested. To prevent a political Gleichschaltung, the last Bauhaus director Ludwig Mies van der Rohe  decided together with the remaining teachers the close the Bauhaus school permanently in July 1933 .
"Hans Keßler: The last two years of the Bauhaus. Letters from a Bauhäusler to his Mother" is the second volume of a publication series by the Bauhaus Archive "Bauhäusler - Documents from the Bauhaus Archive ", which was launched in 2012. The letters are illustrated through photographs and artistic works by Hans Keßler from lessons at the Bauhaus.


The last two years of the Bauhaus, Hans Keßler, Bauhaus-Archiv 2013.

ISBN: 978-3-922613-48-0

Hans Keßler / Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin
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