Bauhaus and me

An investigative Performance Project with Schoolchildren


Tanzperformance Bauhaus and me
Dorothea Tuch

Artistic direction / direction: Jo Parkes

Dance: By and with pupils of the Bertolt Brecht Secondary School

Teacher: Susanne Ellen Kirchesch

Music: Mattef Kuhlmey

Stage design and costumes:
Shahrzad Rahmani

Video: Catrin Schmitt 

Dance assistant: Viviana Defazio

Stage set and costume assistant: Camille Lacadee

Bauhaus Agent: Friederike Holländer


Dance artist Jo Parkes worked together with pupils from the Bertolt-Brecht Secondary School to develop a performance in which she tracks down the importance of the Bauhaus artists' work and lives for young people who live in Berlin-Spandau today, one hundred years later. The Bauhaus School was founded in troubled times and represented a search for socially committed, creative practices in the post-war period. Can we learn something for our own era from the visions, careers and work of the artists active at the Bauhaus? What connects – insofar as this is true at all – the creativity of individuals and groups with the sociopolitical problems of our own era? Accompanied by composer and artist Mattef Kuhlmey, who provided the sound backdrop to the piece, the ensemble shares the results of its research here.


Dorothea Tuch
Dorothea Tuch
Dorothea Tuch
Dorothea Tuch
Dorothea Tuch
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