The Bauhaus Agents Programme

Mission: Bauhaus Here and Now

Initiated by the German Federal Cultural Foundation in association with Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung in Berlin, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and the Klassik Stiftung Weimar, the Bauhaus Agents programme launched in the 2016/2017 school year. It ended in summer 2020 following four years of work with a wealth of new insights which are documented on the platform The results of this work – in the form of detailed instructions, materials and suggestions – are freely available over the long term on the digital platform This was launched on 18 June 2020 during the fourth annual Bauhaus Agents conference.


Autumn 2016 to autumn 2020

Silke Feldhoff / Programme Coordination
Friederike Zobel / German Federal Cultural Foundation
facebook: bauhausagenten
instagram: bauhausagenten

#bauhausagenten / #bauhausmachen

Bauhaus as stimulus

In the framework of the programme, the Bauhaus Agents in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin explored new avenues in museum design and Bauhaus mediation together with pupils, teachers, curators, artists and many others. They researched, experimented, studied and discovered new and exciting facts about the Bauhaus. Alongside the three Bauhaus institutions in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin, 36 partner schools in Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Berlin and more than 10,000 children, young people and adults were involved in the programme. Their ideas were incorporated in the on-site exhibitions and events programmes and in the design of the new Bauhaus museums.


The children and young people became mediation experts, the Bauhaus a content of teaching in the schools. Together with the Bauhaus Agents, they tested how to give an exciting account of the history (or histories) of the Bauhaus and which methods and aspects of the Bauhaus remain relevant today. Over the course of the collaboration they developed various cultural education formats including apps and workshops, hands-on and multimedia stations and analogue and digital outreach programmes. These will be utilised beyond the duration of the programme by the Bauhaus institutions in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin in their cultural education work. In addition, the new digital platform was created to further develop the work, ideas and insights gained during the Bauhaus Agents programme. The platform’s project space offers opportunities to download materials including instructions for design exercises and experiments and makes all kinds of Bauhaus knowledge freely available. The project space and Denkraum are complemented by “Sharing Bauhaus”, the sphere for digital publications with experimental tutorials by programmers, designers, researchers and artists.

Julia Marquardt
Linie, Körper und Bewegung, Berlin 2017

Thanks to the Bauhaus Agents, the new museums are ideally positioned to become open centres of learning and exchange – places that are relevant in the worlds of children and young people.

Hortensia Völckers, Artistic Director, German Federal Cultural Foundation

Exhibitions to which the Bauhaus Agents have contributed:

  • “Craft Becomes Modern”, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, April 2017 to January 2018
  • “smart material satellites”, Steel House, Dessau-Törten Housing Estate, July to October 2017
  • “Carl Fieger. From Bauhaus to Bauakademie”, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, March to October 2018
  • Permanent exhibitions in the Bauhaus Museum Dessau, from October 2019
  • “Winckelmann. Moderne Antike”, Museum Neues Weimar, April to July 2017
  • “Wege aus dem Bauhaus – Gerhard Marcks und sein Freundeskreis”, Museum Neues Weimar, August to November 2017
  • Permanent exhibitions in the Bauhaus Museum Weimar and the Museum Neues Weimar, from April 2019
  • Open House, last weeks before the closure of the Bauhaus Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin, March / April 2018
  • “original Bauhaus”, Berlinische Galerie Berlin, September 2019 to January 2020


The Bauhaus Agents Team

Friederike Holländer (2016 to 2020), Tullia Tarsia in Curia (from February 2019)
Doro Petersen (12/2018 to 03/2019), Maria Ricci (May 2018 to December 2018), Anja Edelmann (September 2016 to March 2018)
Head of Project: Nina Wiedemeyer (Curator Bauhaus-Archiv)


Maxie Götze, Valerie Stephani, Johannes Siebler, Laura Meinhardt (from 2018)
Head of Project: Regina Cosenza, Folker Metzger (Cultural Education, Klassik Stiftung Weimar)

Anne Schneider, Silke Wallstein, Tabea Kießling (to September 2019), Philine Sollmann (to December 2019), Christin Deringer (from October 2019), Frank Thinius (from January 2020)
Head of Project: Jutta Stein, Karin Kolb (Workshop Department, Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau)

… today I think of Bauhaus as something revolutionary, something in which many people participate – something beautiful, collaborative.

Alicia, student 12th grade, Berlin
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