100 years of bauhaus: the Anniversary

A departure from conventional ideas and old lived-in worlds, a rethinking of art, architecture, design and pedagogics. With the Bauhaus, Walter Gropius founded in 1919 one of the seminal schools of design, which continues to serve as an inspiration today. Under the title ‘Reinventing the world’, on the occasion of the Bauhaus Centenary 2019 the Bauhaus Verbund 2019 in association with regional, national and international partners invited the public to rediscover the historical testimonies of the Bauhaus as well as the school‘s significance now and for the future. The centenary programme 100 years of Bauhaus provided the framework for this.



Past events of the Bauhaus Centenary

Here you can research the past events of the Bauhaus Centenary.

Stan Hema, Berlin
Foto: Stan Hema, 2017

Projects of the Bauhaus centenary

Grand Tour of Modernism

From north to south, from east to west: The locations of the Grand Tour of Modernism will guide visitors through the past hundred years of the History of Modern Architecture.

Bauhaus Archiv Berlin / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2017

bauhaus imaginista

The three-year international exhibition and events project researched the global networks of the Bauhaus in the context of the geopolitical changes of the 20th century. The project traced in various locations and by way of concrete examples the location-specific debates and design policies that adopted, translated and transformed the concepts and practices of the Bauhaus and gave rise to new institutions and reform movements in other locations.

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The Bauhaus Association 2019

The Bauhaus Centenary is a nationwide event with an international reach. It is backed by a strong community. Discover here how each member of the Association connects to the Bauhaus and to modernism and how they will contribute to the programme in 2019.




Bauhaus in the metropolis


Home of modernism #moderndenken


Birthplace of the Bauhaus


Home of Oskar Schlemmer and a centre of Neues Bauen


Masterpieces of modernism


Hanseatic modernism


Arena of the new architecture

Lower Saxony

The Fagus factory, Bauhaus wallpaper and much more

North Rhine-Westphalia

100 years of bauhaus in the west


From Gutenberg to the New Typography


From Grassi to Hellerau and Zwenkau

The Bauhaus Kooperation

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