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The development of Bauhaus Games

In Weimar the Bauhaus Agents, in collaboration with their partner schools, tested how future users can be involved in the design processes of museum development, e.g. in everything to do with the topic of Bauhaus games. The Bauhaus Agents have been running various workshops with this in mind since November 2016. The results formed a basis for the design of Bauhaus games for the museum and its outside space, as well as for events which the Bauhaus Agents have developed in collaboration with professional designers.


Valerie Stephani


The Bauhaus-Museum Weimar wishes to offer its future users different points of access to the Bauhaus. Besides the exhibition itself, and also various offers of workshops and outreach, the intention is to provide low threshold opportunities in the form of Bauhaus games in the public areas of the museum and at events; these will not primarily communicate historical dates and facts but stimulate creativity and joy in experiment in a playful manner.

The Bauhaus Agents asked the partner schools how this could work best in various workshops, project days and weeks, and also during network meetings. In all these formats, they worked creatively on the topic of Bauhaus games – sometimes in a very experimental way, sometimes as a structured design process.  On the one hand, the intention was to try out means of communicating design processes; on the other hand, ideas were developed for the project of Bauhaus games. 

Weimar partner schools

Artistic supervision
Workshop: Christoph Thetard / Designer from Studio Montag and Anke Heelemann
Anke Heelemann and
Luise Dettbarn / Realization of games

2016 to 2020
Valerie Stephani / Bauhaus Agent

Bauhaus games for outside space

Together with teachers and pupils from the Weimar school network, the Bauhaus Agents developed ideas for Bauhaus games in the outdoor area. Christoph Thetard, a designer from Studio Montag, offered his support to the participants and explained the various steps in a design process on the basis of his own concrete projects. After a short introduction and clarification of the framework conditions, the participants, starting out from historical (Bauhaus) images as well as modern photos, developed numerous ideas and starting points for games – they covered a broad range, from a house of the senses to an over-sized marble run. The ideas were attributed to thematic fields like movement games and light games, and some individual suggestions were developed further, first in drawings and then using models on a scale of 1to 10.

The results of this workshop as well as those of further projects dealing with Bauhaus games were collected, the principles of play behind each were evaluated, and then taken as the basis for a professional development. Of course, it is impossible to realise all the ideas. However, the various projects and ideas provide information regarding the Bauhaus themes and techniques judged most exciting for playful investigation and debate. As from April 2019, the ideas that emerged from this process are being actually realised in the Bauhaus-Museum Weimar, where visitors can admire them.

(VS 2017)

Valerie Stephani
Valerie Stephani
Valerie Stephani
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