Let's holz

With Albers and Moholy-Nagy

Josef Albers and László Moholy-Nagy, Bauhaus form masters, also used the natural raw material wood in their artistic work. The workshop Let's holz introduced pupils to the use of wood and the master builders' working techniques, but above all it gave them an opportunity to get hands on and become creative themselves.

Thomas Meyer

Let’s holz – the Workshop

The basis of the project Let's holz was teaching the approaches, working methods and materials of the wood workshop at the historic Bauhaus. For two project days, this was the motto of fourth years from Luisium Dessau-Roßlau elementary school. Play and learning material designer Anna Böhnke presented the material wood and possibilities for using it to the children using many different hands-on methods.

Based on the pedagogic principles of the Bauhaus, participatory and artistic research methods were tested in the group, the focus being on the teaching methods of form masters Josef Albers and László Moholy-Nagy.  The insights and experience gained during the various work processes were recorded by the pupils in their own personal Let's holz material notebooks. These booklets served as an accompanying playful knowledge review, as well as a sketchbook for ideas, comments and questions about the various material exercises.

Thomas Meyer


The two project days at the school were rounded off by an excursion to the current exhibition "Handwerk wird modern. Vom Herstellen am Bauhaus". Here, all participants could playfully test and expand their new knowledge about the historical workshops at the Bauhaus in Dessau. The pupils' results from the Let's holz project were then exhibited publicly for four weeks in the maker space of the exhibition "Handwerk wird modern" at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.



Anne Schneider

Grundschule am Luisium
Ms. Kus, Ms. Koblischke / Teachers responsible for the project 

Artistic supervision
Anna Böhnke / Sculptor in wood/ Designer of play and educational materials 

February 2017 to June 2017
Anne Schneider / Bauhaus Agent

New learning places

Linking the two learning places – school and museum (Bauhaus Dessau Foundation) – as well as testing various design methods provided suggestions for the teachers regarding their future lesson-planning in design as a school subject. The elementary school children were enthusiastic about developing their own objects and working with professional tools. Their appreciation of the hand-made wooden objects was indicated by numerous future visits together with parents and friends to the maker space of the exhibition.

The methods tested and questions about the historical workshops at the Bauhaus Dessau, as well as all the findings from the various material exercises with wood can be put to further use. As modules, they will flow into the Bauhaus Box, and after further preparation they will supplement didactic materials for design lessons at primary schools in future. 

(AS 2017)

Thomas Meyer
Thomas Meyer
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Thomas Meyer
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