Craft becomes Modern

Catalogue Workshop

How can an exhibition be used to capture its visitors' creativity and inspiration? The Bauhaus Agents in Dessau have shown the way: in keeping with the subject of the exhibition "Craft becomes Modern", they made a creative space in which visitors were not only called upon to view the exhibition, but also to become active creatively.


Tabea Kießling

Dr. Regine Bittner
/ curator "Craft becomes modern"

April 2017 to January 2018
Anne Schneider and Tabea Kießling / Bauhaus Agents

The Personal Exhibition Catalogue

The Dessau-based Bauhaus Agents developed a do-it-yourself catalogue for the exhibition "Craft becomes Modern. The Bauhaus in the Making" (13th April 2017 to 7th January 2018). Patterns, thematic sheets, interviews, and historical documents were laid out in the makerspace of the exhibition, and visitors could assemble these into an individual catalogue work. 

The basic idea of the personal catalogue is that conceiving an exhibition is also a form of handicraft in a certain sense. An exhibition is put together from a large store of materials, which, when subsumed, are similar to a story. Visitors were able to reproduce their own very personal exhibition stories with their own personal exhibition catalogue.

More than 4,000 personal catalogues were produced in the first four months of the exhibition alone.

Tabea Kießling
Tabea Kießling

Open Workshop

In addition, the Bauhaus Agents offered an open workshop. In the true spirit of the Bauhaus members' joy of experimenting, the participants were invited to find their own approaches to design. Various materials and techniques were experimented with in the workshop: from book printing to poster and text design.


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