Hans Wittwer

1927–1929 Bauhaus teacher

Portrait of Hans Wittwer, Photo: unknown, around 1930.
Portrait of Hans Wittwer, Photo: unknown, around 1930. © Institut für Geschichte und Theorie der Architektur an der ETH Zürich (gta-archiv/ETH Zürich) / gta-archiv / ETH Zürich.
  • Born 4.2.1894 Basel, Switzerland
  • Died 19.3.1952 Basel, Schweiz

  • Profession Architect

Between 1912 and 1916, Hans Wittwer completed his architecture studies at ETH Zurich under Friedrich Bluntschli and Karl Moser. He then worked until 1919 in Karl Moser’s architecture office in Zurich and had completed his subsequent internship in Basel by 1924. Wittwer then studied the history of urban development at the University of London in 1925 and joined a group of architects that, alongside other projects, published the magazine ‘ABC – Beiträge zum Bauen’ (ABC – contributions to building). At the same time, Wittwer founded his own office in Basel, which he co-directed with Hannes Meyer from 1926 to 1927.
In 1927/28, Wittwer began working as an adjunct teacher for installation theory and technical design in the building studies department at the Bauhaus Dessau. From March 1928 to February 1929, he also headed the construction office of the building department directed by Hannes Meyer. During his period as a teacher at the Bauhaus Dessau (1927–1929), he introduced new teaching modules such as methods for calculating the position of the sun that opened up new areas of knowledge for the design process.
After his departure from the Bauhaus Dessau, Wittwer moved to the workshops of the city of Halle, the Staatliche-Städtische Kunstgewerbeschule Burg Giebichenstein (Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle). Wittwer worked there as head of the architecture class and creative director of the studio for construction and interior design until 1933. During this period, Wittwer also held a job as an architect for the company Flughafengesellschaft Halle/Leipzig m.b.H. In addition, he worked as a creative consultant for the municipal council of Merseburg. Wittwer lived as a self-employed architect in Halle (Saale) until 1934. That same year, he returned to Basel to work in the family business.

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Hans Wittwer

Bauhaus Dessau: Master and teacher

Period: 1927–30
Main focus: Teacher (part-time) for building construction and statics, Teacher for building theory and Head of the building department

Burg Burg Giebichenstein

Period: 1929–33
Main focus: initially cooperation, from 1929 Class for architecture and interior design

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