Lis Beyer-Volger

1923–1929 Bauhaus student

Lis Beyer, Portrait, Photo: unknown, 20.2.1929.
Lis Beyer, Portrait, Photo: unknown, 20.2.1929. © Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin.
  • Born 27.8.1906 Hamburg, German Reich | Germany
  • Died 28.8.1973 Viersen-Süchteln, Federal Republic of Germany | Deutschland

  • Birth Name Elisabeth Wilhelmine Karoline Beyer
  • Name after marriage Elisabeth Beyer-Volger
    Elisabeth Volger
  • Nickname Lis

  • Married to Hans Volger (∞10.4.1931)
  • Children Alexander Volger
    Elisabeth Volger

  • Profession Weber

Elisabeth Volger (nee Beyer) studied at the Bauhaus in Weimar during the time from 1923 to 1925 and then until 1929 at the Bauhaus in Dessau. She initially attended the preliminary course with Johannes Itten, as well as classes taught by Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. Starting in the subsequent winter semester of 1923-1924, she spent more than two years in the weaving workshop with Georg Muche and also with Gunta Stölzl starting in 1926. As of 1928, she was employed in the weaving workshop and participated in the production of sample fabrics. In 1927, she passed the journeyman’s examination at the Craft Chamber of Dessau; two years later, she passed the master examination for weaving. In 1932, she married the Bauhaus student Hans Volger. For the following six years, she directed the weaving workshop class at the Max School in Würzburg. After 1936 she subsequently lived in Krefeld, had two children (Alexander and Elisabeth), survived the War and created a great many of tapestries for various clients. Since 1964 she lived with her husband in Bad Krozingen. In 1973, shortly after Hans Volger's death, she fell seriously ill and died in her daughter’s house in Viersen-Süchteln. [AG 2015]

  1. Literature:
  2. ∙ Magdalena Droste, Manfred Ludewig (1998): Das Bauhaus webt. Die Textilwerkstatt am Bauhaus, Berlin.
    ∙ Additional biographical information from Alexander Volger (son).

Lis Beyer-Volger

Bauhaus Weimar: Student

Main focus: Matriculation No. 20

Bauhaus Dessau: Student

Period: 4.1924–3.1925
Main focus: Preliminary Course, Weaving Workshop

Bauhaus Dessau: Student

Period: 4.1925–3.1925
Main focus: Weaving Workshop

Bauhaus Dessau: Student

Main focus: Journeyman’s examination on March 5, 1927, Employee in the Weaving mill

Bauhaus Dessau: Student

Period: 1929
Main focus: Master craftsman examination

Textilfachschule Krefeld

Period: 3.–6.1927
Main focus: Dyeing course

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