Press Kit 100 years of bauhaus

For the 2019 centenary anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus

Here you will find the latest overview of the opening festival, the large anniversary exhibitions, anniversary events in various German states, the collaboration programms of the Bauhaus Kooperation, the organizational structure of the Bauhaus Association 2019 and further programme information.


Bauhaus was an idea that made a name for itself. Not just in Germany, but worldwide. Functional design and modern architecture left their mark on an era. It was the ideal integration of art and the applied arts, architecture and design, dance and theatre, which provides impetus right up to the present day – not only to the creative arts, but also to the way we live.

The centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus School is one of the key cultural milestones of the year 2019.The Bauhaus Association 2019 has adopted the motto “rethinking the world”. In cooperation with regional, national, and international partners, the anniversary association will coordinate events to rediscover historical evidence of Bauhaus, follow the traces it left in Germany and the world, and explore its significance for the present and the future. From north to south, and east to west – the de-centralised centenary celebrations will provide numerous opportunities to travel and explore Germany – and to track Bauhaus and the roots of the Modernist movement at a variety of known and lesser-known places.

As part of the anniversary year, there will be a comprehensive programme of events relating to architecture and design, art and culture history, and education and research. Ranging from a large-scale inaugural festival, to the opening of new museums and anniversary exhibitions, the well-known UNESCO World Heritage sites, and new academic discoveries in German, as well as international exhibitions and projects – 100 years of bauhaus is a series for Bauhaus fans as well as sceptics, for Bauhaus aficionados as well as those just discovering the movement.

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