How do you see your mission as Bauhaus Agents? How would you describe the nature of your assignment?

We are often asked: "So whose secret mission are you on?" Our job description makes that fairly inevitable, of course. But our working method is anything other than incognito. On the contrary, our approach is very active and we are on the offensive. We see ourselves as the mouthpiece of visitors. We are mediators and presenters, and create dialogue between culture and everyday life. In this context, our work encompasses all fields from museum design to information systems, including outreach formats and workshops as well.

What have been the biggest challenges and the most enjoyable moments of your work to date?

We encounter challenges in our job every day and everywhere – bigger and smaller ones. In our work with schoolchildren – which calls for immediate flexibility and spontaneity. In cooperation with museum colleagues – who are often surprised by our novel approaches. In the daily process of building the new museum – which brings new things every day. But all these challenges probably describe the most pleasurable moments in our work, as well. On the one hand because they bring fresh insights every time; on the other hand, it is wonderful to solve a challenge and to be able to see the result – no matter which aspect of work that applies to.

Where and how are the results of the Agents' work visible?

The results of our work could hardly be more diverse. From interactive elements or curatorial interventions in the exhibition via the conception and realization of workshops to the extensive outreach offers in the museums and, of course, the Bauhaus presence in our partner schools. Some results are no doubt more visible than others, but they always evolve through cooperation, creativity, and new approaches – absolutely in the spirit of the Bauhaus. A new phase is beginning for the Weimar-based Agents with the museum's opening; the workshops will be filled with life, many formats we have developed will be tried out in everyday operation, and the insights gained to date will be made permanent as successful visitor orientation.

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