"Our Game. Our Festival": Opening Event with the Agents in Weimar

More than 18,750 guests came to the two museums in Weimar for the opening weekend from 5th to 7th April, 2019. The first to visit the Bauhaus Museum Weimar and the new permanent exhibition in the Neues Museum were pupils from the Bauhaus Agents' partner schools. We accompanied them on a tour, where the children and young people rediscovered many of the ideas they had developed together with Bauhaus Agents Maxie Götze, Johannes Siebler, and Valerie Stephanie over the past two years, now featured in the brand new exhibition rooms and visitor workshops.


Please Sit Down!

"Please sit down!", "Please hit this hard!", "Please rearrange and reassemble!" – in the Bauhaus Museum Weimar and the Neues Museum, a lot of things which would bring the security guards running in other exhibition venues are allowed or even desired.

Visitors can look forward to many interactive exhibition stations, hands-on workshops and sensual experiences. The offers include Gropius' Large-Scale Construction Kit, Bauhaus games involving exercises in balance, colour and form, or the work-laboratory in the Bauhaus Museum, where visitors can actively design and produce objects.

In the Hannes Meyer Room, the text "the new world" (1926) by the second Bauhaus director takes centre stage, drawing attention to current issues as well. The Weimar-based Bauhaus Agents developed these and other educational formats together with children and young people from nine partner schools in Weimar and the surrounding area.

According to the motto "You're the first!", the young museum experts were greeted personally on Friday, 5th April by the president of the Klassik Stiftung Hellmut Seemann, Friederike Zobel (Federal Cultural Foundation) and, of course, by all the staff of the Bauhaus Agents Programme in Weimar.

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"Our game, our festival, our work" - The members of the Bauhaus applied the principles of play and celebration to experiment, strengthen a sense of community, and work together. And best of all, they had fun doing so. So let's go! Let's get started! Let's celebrate our present and shape the future world!

Valerie Stephanie (Bauhaus Agent) in the museum guide "Bauhaus Museum Weimar"

Neues Museum

Opposite the new building of the Bauhaus Museum, its prehistory – Weimar Modernism – can be explored in the newly opened permanent exhibition of the Neues Museum. Here, too, the Bauhaus Agents were involved in the conception and design of the exhibition right from the start: talking walls, interactive stations, the Werkcafé and book-work in the Otto Dorfner workshop are just some results of this intense collaboration between curators, outreach experts, young people and designers. For example, the collective of designers responsible for the exhibition, whitecube, listened very carefully to what the pupils had to say and incorporated much of it into the exhibitions' development and realisation. 

In the Werkcafé, the design duo NoBla also implemented ideas from the Bauhaus Agents' schools. The result is a place that provides, in addition to coffee and cake, inspiration and space for personal experiments and design. "Book-work" is the title of another workshop, where visitors can explore the progress from printed page to bound book on the basis of historical furniture and machines from the Otto Dorfner workshop. Book-work was developed by the Bauhaus Agents and designed by whitebox. In the exhibition rooms, stations such as the "Painting Checker" or the "Elements Reducer" offer interactive outreach that is fun as well. Finally, visitors can even become "modernist warriors" and beat historicism (in the true sense of the word).

This incorporation of outreach into the conception phase of a museum is unique on the German museum scene, and aims to serve as a model for others – a challenge that has visibly paid off.

Sarah Alberti (Monopol Magazin)

App Bauhaus +

Stories about the Bauhaus and Modernism, audio pieces, and videos are available free of charge in the new "Bauhaus +" app, in the development of which the Bauhaus Agents played a decisive part. Downloading the app is also worthwhile for those who are not yet able to get to Weimar – the many additional items of information make it easy and enjoyable to plan a future visit. 

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