Versuchsstätte Bauhaus. The Collection.

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With the opening of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau on 8 September 2019 to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus, it is now possible to highlight the quality and diversity of the collection of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. Under the title Versuchsstätte Bauhaus. The Collection”visitors can expect an exhibition, which traces the history of the era-defining school in Dessau.

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau / Foto: Meyer, Thomas, 2019 / OSTKREUZ
Bauhaus Museum Dessau


One of the distinctive features of the Dessau collection is that it allows us to visualise the day-to-day life of learning and teaching, open-ended design and industrial prototype, artistic experiment and the demands of the market, fellowship and mastership at the school of design. After all, from when the Bauhaus reopened as a scientific-cultural centre in 1976, the varied collecting activities centred on the school as a “laboratory of industry”.

After the First World War, the Bauhauslers sought methods of shaping and designing the new, modern way of living. Whether typefaces, furniture, textiles, wallpapers or buildings, the modern culture of everyday life that we take for granted today forged in Dessau during this period. One more reason to visualise from a distance of 100 years the historical circumstances, the visions and concepts, the working methods and methods, the actors and networks involved in the things that have survived from 40 years of collecting. 


At the same time, the exhibition links, in space and contents, the numerous Bauhaus buildings that are lined up like a red threat from the north to the south of Dessau. Whereas the visitors of the Bauhaus Building can comprehend the teaching processes and the cohabitation of the Bauhäusler while walking through the building’s architecture, ideas and everyday life, classes and workshop, teachers and students come to life in the museum by sketches, photos, pieces of art and workshop products.

The presented collection is an exhibition in motion. Interludes in the form of temporary exhibitions in the exhibition allow to extend and perpetuate the “Versuchsstätte Bauhaus” in regular intervals. New convolutes of the Dessau collection or objects that are not included in the permanent exhibition in the museum are shown in them. Guest objects from international Bauhaus collections can be presented and enter into a dialogue with the Dessau collection. The interludes are also venues for experimenting by the Bauhaus Agents who give insights in their project work with schools in Dessau.   



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