Our Game. Our Party. Our Work

Rudolf Lutz, 1919

'Our Play – Our Party – Our Work' is the name of the lecture with which Johannes Itten introduced himself to the Bauhaus in 1919.

© Klassik Stiftung Weimar. / © Arnulf Lutz
Unser Spiel. Unser Fest. Unsere Arbeit, Autor: Rudolf Lutz, 1919


On the occasion of this event, Rudolf Lutz designed a poster in which he had created correspondences between these three important aspects of the education at the Bauhaus and specific colours and/or shapes. 'Our Party' represented the collective work and life of the Bauhäusler; 'Our Work' stood for the physically and intellectually demanding areas of the education; and 'Our Play' described the liberation of the creative and intellectual potentials that were to be released in the preliminary course.

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