How do you understand your mission as Bauhaus Agents? How would you describe your mission profile?

The Bauhaus Agents Programme is a kaleidoscope of possibilities, whereby those involved don't consume culture but become creative themselves. At best, we–the Bauhaus Agents–are facilitators: by providing impulses, triggering enthusiasm, and helping to implement ideas. Together with pupils, teachers, artists and colleagues, we are working on a utopian project: to unfold every possibility. 

What are the best moments in your work?

It's wonderful to see when a spark ignites. When a 12th year group begin to deal with the Bauhaus members' biographies and finally show us a dance performance that gives you goose bumps. When we suddenly receive 25 handwritten letters from elementary school pupils with specially designed stamps illustrating a Wagenfeld lamp. When participants in the programme enthusiastically share their experiences with others.

Where and how will the results of the agents' work become visible?

For example in the anniversary exhibition "original bauhaus": The interactive part of the exhibition on the topic of "Pre-course practice" was developed together with the Bauhaus Agents Programme. The results can also be heard and seen by Berlin underground passengers getting off at Johannisthaler Chaussee station. They can use an app to take an audio walk through Gropiusstadt and discover the district through the eyes of pupils at the Walter-Gropius-Schule. The "Bauhaus Curriculum", which the pupils helped to design, and which is now part of the curriculum at their school, will also be visible in the long term: it has literally been institutionalised.

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