Poster for the 1923 Bauhaus Exhibition in Weimar

Joost Schmidt, 1923

Schmidt developed the poster, which was designed for a competition, in the form of a cross made up of circles and squares.


Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin / gemeinfrei / abgelaufen 2018
Plakat zur Bauhaus-Ausstellung in Weimar 1923, Entwurf: Joost Schmidt.


The diagonally placed cross incorporates the Bauhaus-Signet (Bauhaus logo) designed by Oskar Schlemmer, the use of which was required in the proposal, alongside information about the event, date and venue. The original version of the poster, which was used for advertising purposes in 120 German railway stations, specifies the months of July to September as the exhibition dates. This information was later updated by means of a sticker.

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