Werkbund, Bauhaus, Neue Sachlichkeit („New Objectivity“) !? - Modern architecture in Essen

Tour to the special places of modern architecture on the Ruhr


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The list of well-known architects who worked in Essen is long. In addition to local artists such as Alfred Fischer, F. Schupp and M. Kremmer or Edmund Körner designed Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Erich Mendelsohn or Peter Behrens building in Essen.

Especially the 1920s should be an epoch of outstanding architectural creation, which shapes the cityscape - despite the great WWII-related losses - until today significantly.

On the approx. 3h round trip one arrives among other things:

- „Auferstehungskirche“ - Church - Otto Bartning 1929/1930

- UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein shaft XII - Fritz Schupp / Martin Kremmer

- Krupp settlement Alfredshof - Robert Schmohl with cooperation Hannes Meyer, 1916-1918

- „Deutschlandhaus“ (Edmund Körner)

- Location formerly "Pressakirche" (steel church) - Otto Bartning)

- Location formerly Villa Henke - Mies van der Rohe 1930

- Various buildings by Alfred Fischer-Essen (administration building Ruhr coal district (today RVR), the Grashofgymnasium, Reithalle Stadtwald)

- Jewish funeral hall park cemetery

- Location former Jewish Youth Hostel -Erich Mendelsohn

It is no coincidence that the city became a focal point of the new building during this period. Many of the active architects and building artists were organized in the Deutscher Werkbund. With Alfred Fischer as architect and director of the School of Design and later Folkwangschule - the forerunner of today's Folkwang University of the Arts - also linked to the meantime in Essen "Folkwang thought" with the modern, contemporary currents of new construction within the Werkbundvorstandes. The Folkwang Museum, which has been located in Essen since 1923, has maintained close contacts with the young Bauhaus in Weimar and Dessau

The focus Route is on the style of „Neue Sachlichkeit“ ("New Objectivity") and architects who have a biographical or artistic connection to the complex of Bauhaus / Werkbund / Folkwang.

The information on the corresponding buildings and places are from January 2019 additionally deposited as POIs on a digital map on www.visitessen.de, the tourist presence of the city of Essen.

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